It was Bill Gate that said “…Automation applied to an efficient operation magnifies the efficiency…”

Over the years Education and every practice that surrounds it has been relatively efficient but its efficiency is only subject to the result we have now and the amount of work that goes into it to make it a reality. Through technological advancement and the disruption that has sweeps across market redefining it in recent years, it is clear that its adoption into education and teaching practices will not only make it better but also increase it’s efficiency.

Automation is defined as the technological process performed with minimal human assistance – in other words, the task previously done by humans is replaced by a technological process to foster the process and increase its efficiency.  So highlighted in this piece are some of the key areas you can increase in productivity in your school by adopting an automation process:


Expenses and payment management is arguably one of the important areas in general school management because of the cash flow that is involved and other peculiarities. Through automation technology, this aspect of school management can be optimized to produce the best yield. Money can now be paid conveniently through this technology and can also be accounted for easily. This rids all the human error that might be involved in the process and also makes it as fast and as easy as it can be.


Another Vital metrics in school administration is the Communication track. Information flow is wealth. The school needs to get in touch with Parents/guardians. Parents/guardians also need to be updated about their child’s performance progress, reports and other things that concern them – This is why it is important to set up an automation plan for this aspect. In automation, the system gets to provide a tailor-made message that can be sent through the fastest and the easiest known means. The system already loads contact details of each user so information flies as fast as it can through a click.


Through an Automation plan attendance management can be effectively managed to yield optimum productivity. The system substitutes the long one after the other attendance marking for Artificial intelligence optimized model – That takes attendance just the same way you take a selfie – It is fast, easy and creates more time for productivity.


As an administrator one of the thing that matters to you is the data and statistics of the school. You want to know the last session figure as opposed this year. You want to know in actual analytics if the school is growing or not. This actually throws one into the field for manual collection of such data – counting and all the likes. On the automation plan – You can see real data and analytics in the space of seconds. This data can be used to make policies and decision that affect the school. On the automation plan – Growth is ensured as productivity is allowed.


The whole process of result compilations and sending of reports remains one big aspect of the school management. Yet reports and results compilation can be irksome. The manual labor spent while at it, the energy drained, the time spent and other indices involved are only to show that this is actually a pain-point in the teaching and learning practices. Automating this aspect gives room for productivity on the teacher’s path as the system can coordinate, assemble and sort each student result, eliminating all manual stress that is involved.

The truth is Automation is the future of work and anyone who wants to embrace the future must embrace automation practices. Schools cannot be left out of this revolution. Adopt automation in your school today to boost your aggregate performance, increase your productivity and position your school for growth.
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