Every Sector experiences change every year and 2020 is the year where many developments will happen to several fields of work including Education.

Over the years technology has influenced Education and many more changes will be experienced ultimately it will improve the scope of education and increase learning outcomes.

Here are some of the trends that will influence and shape Education in 2020:

artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence:-  Artificial Intelligence is changing the way teachers interact with students. Teachers now guide students into how to think for themselves instead of giving a stereotypical thinking pattern like before and A.I will pay an important role in this regard. A. I in schools will help teachers have time for a more humanly-related role like creativity and emotional intelligence leaving time-consuming tasks automated.

Augmented Reality:- Augmented reality will bring to life many abstract concepts in class. Students will be able to interact with lessons more before its 3-D Concepts. This will inspire students to learn more and make classrooms more interactive.

Virtual Reality:-  Virtual Reality has seen quite a number of increase in usage in schools over the years and 2020 will be an upsurge for its usage. It will help student sees lessons beyond words to visualizations. With Virtual reality, the whole concept of teaching will be enhanced so students will be able to assimilate faster and learn easier.


Integrated School Management Solutions:- The goal for most educators in 2020 is to work smart instead of working hard and that’s exactly what school management solutions offer schools. It’s an integrated system that manages all school operations into a seamless and easiest means possible eliminating every stress involved in the school operations.


Professional Development of Teachers:- Educators are principals in the Education System. The development of teachers will produce resonance increase in the qualities of teaching and developed learning outcomes. Teachers need to get better will be facilitated with specialized programs and training all through the year.