Edves Catalyst 2018

“If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people – Chinese proverb”

We live in an age where more than ever before in the history of mankind there is more awareness and an awakening to the essence of educating people especially the young ones through formal means. And this can out-rightly be linked to the fact that people are now concerned about extending the values of life and making life actually worth living more than in previous ages and generations. The relentless search on how to make a better place out of the world has seen men go beyond the shores of the Earth-sphere into other planets and space. Men have tread into uncharted zones and territories in the view to help continue and sustain the flow of quality life in this Heaven-side.

The advent of the 4th Industrial revolution has also been an answer to the prayer the world has been praying for long. The emergence of using technology to solve real-life problems has made the world a connected, better and a sustained sphere more than ever before.

But before a widespread fire, there’s always a spark, before an unending rain, there’s a drop likewise before the rise and the optimization of this new age revolution there is a need for foundation work of some group of people whose job and function is to educate minds. Liberating them from being who they are to who they can be. Taking minds from the limitations of their localities to the limitless expanse of life through teaching and instructing.

Educators now have quite a lot of responsibility saddled on their back in developing minds that will be at the center of this new age revolution and would be a catalyst for change.

Therefore it is important to set quality time aside to train educators who will in turn train students and pupils on the new inventions and technologies available to ensure the overall mission of raising the next global leader of the world and also to ensure that they are not just working hard but they are working smart.

For about 4 years now EDVES has been committed to organizing a special forum where educators can collaborate and learn fresh and actionable ideas that will transform schools and education. This Year 2018 is themed “OUT OF THE BOX”

“OUT OF THE BOX” is an expression that describes non-con-formal, creative thinking. The term is used as an adverb to describe the thinking or as an adjective to describe the ideas. The term is said to derive from a famous puzzle created by early 20th-century British mathematician Henry Ernest Dudeney, in which someone is asked to interconnect nine dots in a three-by-three grid by using four straight lines drawn without the pencil leaving the paper. In order to be successful, the puzzle solver has to realize that the boundaries of the dot array are psychological. The only way to solve the puzzle is to extend the lines beyond the artificial boundary created by the nine-dot.

When we say “Out of the box” its a metaphoric way of saying “beyond the norms in creative thinking”. It also literally means going beyond the narrative in creating values and content that is relevant to life. We believe a lot of impossibilities will melt when creative thinking is employed.

As educators its time to take teaching and learning beyond the normal conventional way it has always been to an “Out of the box” state which will not only enable the optimum use of the 4th industrial age revolution but also cause a ripple effect amidst the final web of our chain – Students and pupils to be the best they can be at such a time like this.


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