EDVES is a leading Edutech company with a goal to automate school processes, to lessen tedious activities involved in school management and also to generally reduce paper works in schools.

Edves is an innovative solution to the many problems that are encountered along the Education path. EDVES aids Digital Teaching and Learning with the easiest and secure School Management Software that encompasses all school needs.

This Innovation is used to address specific challenges by capturing data, substituting paperwork, and reducing stress giving speed to teaching and learning activities and to foster effective in the School Environment.

One of the problems faced in an Educational Environment is the gap in communication between the parents and the school. The flow chart in the relationship between both parties is relatively low. And there are several things School Educators hopes that the parents or the guardians are aware of about the Kids like their performance in the school and their general conduct.

A perfect teaching model is achieved in partnership admits both the Teachers in school and the parents at home. And this challenge is quite understandable to a fair extent. Parents are busy! That’s what you hear anytime you dig into this challenge. What if we can get the parents closer to the activity of their kids in school without getting them to be in the school physically?

And this is exactly the problem EDVES has been able to solve!

EDVES school software system is a robust all in one Effective School Management Solution which has a distinctive three basic Environment: The Educators Environment, The Students Environment, and The Parents Environment. On the Parents Environment, parents can fully track and get activity report of their wards on a regular basis.

For example, let’s say a Teacher needs to communicate an information to the parent of a student as soon as possible, the teacher can use the communication book to send the message to the parent and the parents will be able to receive it in no time. Assignment, Daily records and so much more can be tracked on the parent environment at the comfort of the parents, making them fully aware of every vital information about their Kids.

Activity Tracking and a bridge communication gap between the school and the parents have increased success rate admits the student now that parents are fully aware of their child’s educational status and can offer help at the very point of need.

Technology, as we have come to know, has opened up a path for solving real-time problems. And with the Scalable EDVES School Management system productivity and growth in the educator community has been on the increase. This is the future of Digital Education. You should migrate to EDVES Today!

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