EDVES School Management Software system is a web-based Educational Management Information System which operates based on cloud computing. It is solely based on an educational institution and is accessible for educators and parents/students in the school. Since its establishment, EDVES has been helping schools automate their processes. From enrollment, payment, result processing, to e-learning, etc. And also to manage its administrative procedures and to run in the easiest way saving time, stress and paper.


Here are the five simple Reasons why you should Use EDVES Today;

  1. EDVES School Management Software includes Technology in Schools

Technology this day has provided the easiest way for things to us. According to research done by Telegraph, it was discovered that the inclusion of technology into the workplace led to an “84% increase in productivity. This directly indicates that using EDVES is a way of positioning your school for growth and productivity.



  1. EDVES School Management Software increases parents and School Interactions

 Through EDVES Activity reports tracking, it has encouraged the interactions between parents and the school. The portal for parents and the communication book provided by the system is for parents to know about their kids. Parents do not necessarily have to get into the school to know what’s happening in the school regarding their kids. Also, they can easily access every needed information at their comfort. Either through the Mobile App, web or through Mails and Text Messages.



  1. It gives School Administrator Real-Time Analytics

 The primary need of a school administrator is knowing with accurate data if the school is developing or not. EDVES new software helps the school to capture invisible statistics the growth insight of the school. Also, the data generated from this analytics can be used to implement models to foster the school development.



  1. It enhances Learning

EDVES enhances E-learning on its platform. EDVES does this through the creation of additional learning video for students that covers a wide range of courses. And also through its E-Lesson note algorithm for teachers. Above all, it has helped to increase the standards of learning and to improve its quality across schools.



  1. It also helps the school manages Finances and Expenses

 A lot of time, it is difficult for School administrators to accurately keep tabs on the money and expenses of the school. Especially with the conventional paper and pen. But EDVES on its school management system has been able to create a platform for school administrators.

  • To effortlessly automate their financial processes like payment of school fees, the proper payment history of each student.
  • Tracking of the defaulters to the total expense monitoring in the school.

Above all, EDVES got it all covered at the easiest available means.




We are an Edutech company that deals with automating School processes from Student enrollment to graduation. Our Goal is to automate school processes, to lessen tedious activities involved and also generally reduce paper works in schools.

We have a large vision scale of automating schools across Africa and its Coast. Reaching them with the affluence of digital technology in School activities.

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