EDVES is a leading Edutech company with a goal to automate school processes, to lessen tedious activities involved in school management and also to generally reduce paper works in schools.

What Edves School Management Software basically do is to address specific challenges with capturing data, paperwork, and stress giving speed to teaching and learning activities, working effectively with it to improve every area of school operations.

One of the amazing feature in this scalable innovation is the Lesson note automation process. The lesson note section is a package that was featured on the school management system to help teachers substitute for the paper and pen mode of writing lesson note and also to give updated and relevant content on what the teacher intends to teach.

The lesson note ability to source out for updated content on the intended topic to be taught is actually the tipping point of this innovation. This feature has ensured that teachers no matter their geographical location as long as they have access to Edves Portal can avoid giving obsolete information to the students to keep them on the edge with any of their counterpart anywhere in the world.

In a conventional classroom what a teacher does is to prepare a lesson note from materials he or she has been using to teach for as long as he or she has been teaching. And syllabus is changing, new ideas are generated almost every minutes, there are several new discoveries made every day. In a world of digital revolution and an ever-changing technology improvement, it is then derogatory to see the student who are supposed leaders of tomorrow taught in a mold that makes them unaware of the changes and improvement around them.

But with this Out of the box innovation teachers alongside with their material can source out for updated content and add it to their own personal knowledge base and also in the lesson note then go to the classroom and give the student the best they deserve.

Educational phases are changing, things need to be done independently from the way they are some years back and with this tech innovation education and teaching just got better!

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