How Technology can Reinvent Education

The quality of education remains a significant issue that has to be addressed and evidently Technology plays a major role in solving these problems. The digital revolution especially due to the pandemic has led to a large trial of information and communication technology (ICT) in education both outside the classroom.

ICT and several other Inclusion in Education offer a number of possible benefits. These include access to low-cost teaching resources, added value compared to traditional teaching, and a complementary solution for teachers’ development.

This means that there’s a huge potential to reach those excluded from education systems. Also, the quality of knowledge and skills that are taught can also be improved.

During this Year’s Catalyst, Critical analysis will be done to navigate through diverse reinventing wheels possible to change Educational narrative. The event features World-Class Speakers, Thought Leaders and Industry Experts giving actionable ideas on the right way to go.

The event will come up on Saturday, 6th June 2020 by 10 am +1GMT. Register here

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