How Edves Referral Works:

For individuals: You are to refer EDVES to prospective Schools, if the deal is closed a 10% commission of the School’s first subscription will be paid to your bank account or you will be given a gift card of the cash equivalent.

For School Owners/Head: You are to refer EDVES to prospective Schools, for every four (4) schools that subscribes as a result of your referral you will get one (1) term free on your current subscription.

You will be responsible for the following:

i. Share your referral link with your network. Discuss the features, benefits and unique selling points of EDVES.

ii. Encourage them to follow the link and take necessary action. 

iii. Assist in ensuring EDVES Sales team or her partners gain access to the contact person. 

iv. Guaranty to the prospective school the uniqueness and reliability of EDVES.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Commission is onetime, paid on the first subscription fees (term/session payment) only.
  2. Referral commission shall be paid only when the school(s) is confirmed to have paid 70% of the subscription package subscribed for.  
  3. Where the School referred has already been referred by another REFERRAL or an Edves’s Staff/Partner is already in discussion with the School (intending SUBSCRIBER) no commission will be paid. However, in cases where your influence eventually plays a major role in the subscriber’s buying decision, the commission will be shared equally by all parties involved.
  4. You cannot refer a school already using EDVES.
  5. EDVES retains the ownership of all clients subscribed to EDVES BASIC  irrespective of who introduced them to the company.
  6. The EDVES REFERRER shall respect the proprietary rights of EDVES and shall not engage in any activity pre-judicial to the trademark EDVES.
  1. There is no commission if a school pays for on-site technical support staff.
  2. There is no commission on setup and training fees.
  3. EDVES staff will not share out of your commission.

  Referring EDVES to a school means you agree to the terms above