When relevant skills are being considered, being Tech Savvy is one of the first that comes to mind. Students today need to know beyond terminologies and how to download apps to understanding Technology and how the Digital world works.

Being tech-savvy depicts the ability to perform tasks related to Tech without misappropriation and pilfering and with high-level proficiency. True technological literacy needs to be taught, modeled, and practiced.

Given the imperative of preparing students to respond to increasingly technical environments, Teachers shouldn’t be exempted from the process of involving the student in the Technology Ecosystem.

Here are some few tips that could enhance Student Interactions with Technology:

Out of School Experience:- Sometimes the best way to Inspire students and to quicken their curiosity is to bring them to an environment that would stimulate their imaginations towards the subject. A trip to a Strategic location where Technology is actively used can help the student understand the field well.

Use Simple Tech Gadgets in classrooms:- Allowing the student to interact with gadgets like Virtual reality glasses, Consoles, and others is a great way to not just enhance the quality of learning in classes but providing the right mindset that would enable them to be Tech Savvy.

Offering Open End Projects:– Extra projects in school can be a good influence on students diving into technology. This way, you can appeal to their distinct learning styles and they can effectively demonstrate their knowledge.

This projects can Involve the following;

  • Designing web content
  • Putting together ebooks
  • Crafting multimedia products


The most Important thing is to fuel student curiosity and providing the right platform that facilitates it.

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